Help share the Good News of Jesus’ love and transforming power – partner with 90.9 KCBI as a volunteer! You’ll have fun, meet great people who love Jesus (including many of the people you hear on air) AND you’ll make an eternal impact! Use the form below to apply.


To protect all KCBI stakeholders (donors, staff and volunteers), ALL volunteers are required to submit an application and consent form.

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I acknowledge that in conjunction with my volunteer activities for KCBI, I may be in receipt of, and/or have access to certain confidential information relating to, but not limited to, KCBI, donors of funds or other valuable consideration to KCBI or other ministries and/or persons requesting or disclosing private information or prayer requests. I hereby acknowledge and commit that I will hold said information in strict confidence and will not divulge, communicate, or distribute such information to any third party. I will not utilize or disclose such information outside the scope of my volunteer activities for KCBI. I expressly understand that the information provided to me shall and will be considered personal and confidential and that I will not use said information to the detriment of KCBI, the donors or other persons communicating such information to me. I further acknowledge that KCBI would not have permitted my participation as a KCBI volunteer but for this acknowledgment. * Do you agree to the statement above? :


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